The Establishment

"Le SALIGNON" is an open establishment june 27,2016.

The building located in a classified site was entirely renovated by the Town hall of VESDUN and it offers a wram reception, in charge with history and modernity.

A geai in blue liking signed Christine Massaux-Hélas, dominates her ridge sheathing and by reference to its symbolic system to this place all the control of new savours brings.
In front of the terrace, and beside the Saint-Cyr military school church of 1115, a carpark is at the disposal of the customers.

The Chief


  Pierre Molinier is graduate in “culinary genius and art of the table” of the Hotel College of Gascogne in Bordeaux. 

It begins truly its career in 2002 with "the Country Cottage of Adrien" (5 Relais stars and Castles, 1 Michelin macaroon) with Verbier (Swiss) where it will occupy the station of Second at the gourmet restaurant “the Apartment” and with the brewery of luxury “the Attic”.

In 2005, it joined the brigade of famous restoring “Cat boot” of the Hotel Beautiful Shore in Geneva, in the capacity as chief of part Garde-manger, dessert, fish and meats, until 2008. 

  It is in the capacity as assistant manager of kitchen that he will officiate then at the restaurant “the Duet” of the Royal Hotel, at the sides of Armel Bedouet. 

Then in 2012, he officiates in the capacity as chief at the restaurant the “Trilbry” of the "NvY hotel", always at Geneva, dreamed place or he pays homage to the most prestigious oxen in the world, "Black Angus" and the " Wagyu “way ox of Kobe.  


Superbe texte défilant

We learns the kitchen with the other. At one point we did hers. !
Jean François Piège

His/her partner

Aline NOBLE , was formed with listening, with the directed councils service, near international customers within hotels five stars.

It has the techniques of the service while gourmet restaurant. General-purpose, it will bring to "Le SALIGNON" its countable knowledge, it will supervise and coordinate the service in room, will ensure the commercial and financial follow-up of the company and will take care of the application of the standards of the food hygiene and safety.